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My Collection of poems ever since 1993

Friends Forever

(written on 14.01.02)

The mountains may move from there solid stances
The sun may change its color affected by those glaring glances
The rivers may not flow owing to stones on the way
The forests may not forever green stay

The faith and beliefs may falter now and then
The air of doubt may fill between here and heaven
The gospels may all prove wrong
The walls may appear not so strong

The flowers in the garden may rot and dry
The wounded trees may weep and cry
The years may take long to pass through
And everything may seem impossible for you

Then behind you will be a form
Right there alongside every storm
When shadows of fear your life will cast
When you are at you avenue last
Then I hope you'll doubt never
That you will find in me a friend forever.

Wish for you...

(Written on 02.09.02)

Across the skies
beyond the stars
of the realm that we dare to dream
therein lay the strength of ours


The strength of the mountains
the valor of knights
the determination of chieftains
for every fight

The gentleness of noblemen
the calm of warriors
the blessings of the lords
as you move through the barriers

I wish you smiles joy and laughter
Cake walk across miles forever and after

Beyond the Horizon.

(Written on 17.06.00)

With dreams of heaven
in my eyes
a will to get away
from the cries

Knowledge of distance
of walking a thousand mile
but still the eagerness
in search of a smile

Treading those rocky roads
with unbearable pain
yet something driving me
to free myself from disdain

A mere survival
with a wounded heart
collecting pieces
of a life torn apart

Ruins of aspirations
with a confused mind
still looking for a turn
in this alley blind

I look for bliss
amongst these chains of prison
hoping for a wonderland
beyond the horizon!

If Walls could Talk...

(Written on 09.06.00)

If walls could talk
they would say
what brings about the end of realms of clay.

If they had a voice
they could cry
seeing all the tricks people try.

If they could see
they would know
hypocrisy that emotions show.

If they could feel
they would bleed
listening to the lonely heart plead.

If they had a heart
they would have it broken
with every word that was spoken.

If they had a min
they would think
how everything changes in a blink.

If walls could talk
they would prepare
from humans to beware!

My Sensitivity!

(Written on 04.04.99)

With every prick
my heart does bleed
to save me from the pretentious garb I adorn
strength is all I need

Everything’s fine
or so I think
until something strikes again
within a blink

Sometimes I wonder
why everything hurts so bad
anything apart from the expected
makes me feel so sad

It is an everyday story
definitely not something rare
takes no time to get wounded
but hell of it to repair

I can fool the world
with my strength to hide behind
but how do I fool myself
with my past clogging my mind

It’s easy to let bygones be
and I always let go
but even the slightest breeze from behind
bring my spirit to a low

I am an optimist
as far as life goes
but where it will block through mirages
I doubt if even heaven knows

It is a simple bond
from which I need to be free
but if my sensitivity is here to stay
then oh! God! Bless me.

Imaginary Realms…

(Written on 31.03.99)

I want something out of life
for which I put up an endless strife
but everything slips next to the destination
shattering the world of imagination

It really is just pebble
but to the farthest depths I hear the treble
or so it seems from my self pity fables
the price I pay for not being able

it is but a passing breeze
but I see it as an endless storm
if only the moment of realization could freeze
i could go to the moment I wandered from

A routine folly is all it takes
all the strength inside just breaks
if this be true, then I fear to say
the pieces there are to this day

A minor insensitivity shakes me
myself as a victim is all I see
at those moments I forgot
each low provides strength in a lot

Now I see in myself many a changes
but even now when I try to fix it
my mood fluctuates in extremes
I built and destroy imaginary realms.

True Suffering!

(Written on 08.06.98)

A stab in the heart
Tearing my soul apart
Wounds that will forever last
Realms on the ruins of my wishes will be cast

A rusting mind
Where once immense talent one could find
Endurance par excellence
Surrounding me with walls of pretense

A sad feeling
Living in fear of revealing
To keep then all locked up inside
To sleep with the terror beside

A Pandora’s box of emotions
Jittered by storms of commotions
All the pain turning to anger
Mentally struggling on the line of danger

A road without destination
Hope of good times, just an illusion
Not a word to anyone
As in solitude my tears run

I hear them talk of all they are bearing And I wonder what is true suffering?